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11 Common Mistakes People Make When Growing Hostas

 · Hostas are an easy landscaping plant, so hosta care is often taken for granted. Here are 11 of the most common mistakes gardeners make when growing hostas.

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior) Growing Guide

 · But it''s not limited by its pot size. Cast iron plant makes for a wonderful border plant. Its broad, long leaves create an excellent ground cover in shaded areas. Whether you choose to grow yours indoors or outside, there is a cast iron plant for you. We''ll go over a …

Cast Iron Plants Questions & Answers | Questions 1

Q. Cast iron plant is turning yellow and dying Move to Colorado Springs from Jax, Fl and dug up some of my grandmother''s cast iron plants from my shaded yard. I wasn''t able to bring very much of the plants'' original dirt with it so I bought a huge planter, filled the bottom of the planter with mulch (I did this to cut down on the weight and to make drainage better) put fertilized potting soil ...

Indoor Plants for Low Light | Better Homes & Gardens

 · Plus, this rugged plant spreads slowly, so it rarely needs repotting. Cast iron plant produces dark green narrow leaves; there''s also a variegated form, but it can be difficult to find. Light: Low light or indirect light. Water: When the soil is dry to the touch. Size: Up to 3 feet tall. Buy It: Cast Iron Plant ($49, The Home Depot)

Plant Physiology and Development, Sixth Edition

These iron-deficient leaves (Web Figure 5.1.L) show strong chlorosis at the base of the leaves with some green netting. The most common symptom for iron deficiency starts out as an interveinal chlorosis of the youngest leaves, evolves into an overall chlorosis, and ends as a totally bleached leaf.

Crane (machine)

A crane is a type of machine, generally equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally is mainly used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places. The device uses one or more simple machines to create mechanical advantage and thus move loads beyond the normal capability of a human.

Texas Perennial Garden – Top Ten Summer Perennials – Lee ...

Established Victoria Phlox begins blooming shortly before Memorial Day and before the Crape Myrtles. It needs full sun. It needs full sun. Victoria has lighter green foliage, more open growth habit than ''John Fanick'' reaching 3 feet tall, 2 feet wide.

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 · Bargain John''s Antiques carries a wide variety of quality American Antique items dating from the 1850 to 1930 time period. Enjoy a blended view with the ''Browse All Inventory'' link.

Removing Roots From Drain Pipes | Home Matters

If you have a minor problem, there is a potential DIY solution you can try. A half-cup of copper sulfate, which is available at most home improvement stores, can be flushed down the toilet. This is toxic to tree roots, but in small amounts will only travel so far up the root …

12 Common Marijuana Leaf Problems and How to Fix Them

 · When iron deficiency is not treated, the leaves will begin to show signs of burned tips. Eventually, they''ll fall off. That''s why you need to act quickly to save your plant and raise the level of iron it''s getting. Fix: The first order of business is to let your plant dry out. Then flush the plant …

Plant Recovery After a Hard Freeze

 · During a heavy snow event, plant branches may get weighed down and begin to bend or even break. When it is safe, try to knock snow off bending branches. Evergreens tend to experience this more; snow usually safely goes through bare branches just fine.

Evergreen Trees: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know ...

As a result, the leaves either get holes or fall off. It is best to remove any infected leaves before the infection spreads throughout the tree. Chlorosis: Another infection that can affect Hollies is Chlorosis, which is an iron deficiency and can lead to the disease. It causes light green to yellow leaves …

Vertical Gardening: The Beginners Guide to Trellising ...

 · by Jordan Charbonneau, photos by Ira Wallace In my dreams of a picturesque garden there are always trellises. They may bring to mind quaint little fairy tale cottages, but trellises aren''t just for their good looks. There are so many plants that can be grown on a trellis and so many reasons to grow them … Continue reading Vertical Gardening: The Beginners Guide to Trellising Plants →

Identifying Plant Nutrient Deficiencies

 · Stunted growth. Leaves can become limp, curl, or drop. Seed stalks also become limp and bend over. Compounds containing the words "copper," "cupric," or "cuprous." Growth slows. Younger leaves turn pale yellow, often starting between veins. May develop dark or dead spots. Leaves, shoots, and fruit diminished in size. Failure to bloom.

Helping Trees and Shrubs Recover From Snow and Ice | North ...

 · Mature trees and trees with trunks over 10-12" in diameter that fall should be removed. In addition, trees that partially uproot and have over 1/3 of their roots exposed are typically beyond help and should be removed. Learn more about caring from fallen trees from this Florida Extension website.

Common Snake Plant Problems | Home Guides | SF Gate

 · Common Snake Plant Problems. If your thumb is everything but green, growing a snake plant (Sansevieria spp.) can be ideal because it requires minimal …

Cast Iron Plant Care

 · Cast iron plant care begins with a little understanding of the background and characteristics of this attractive indoor plant. Aspidistra elatior or cast iron plant (or bar-room plant) is a species of plants from the Asparagaceae family that has more than 100 species.. It originates from Taiwan and Japan.

Antique and Vintage Planters and Jardinieres

Beautiful plants deserve beautiful homes. It''s time to introduce antique and vintage planters and jardinieres to your home''s interiors and outdoor garden area.. The word "jardiniere" has roots in French, but the appeal of these vessels is global.The popularity of jardinieres — ceramic pots intended for cut flowers or plants — quickly gained traction in the United States during the ...

Growing Perennials | Home & Garden Information Center

Many perennials should be staked to prevent them from bending or falling over during wind and rain. When staking is done correctly, the plants grow to cover the stakes. A floppy perennial plant may be an indication that the plant is not receiving adequate sunlight and needs to be relocated. Remove old flowers to encourage re-bloom on perennials.

Goldfish Dangers

Tree and bush leaves. Some trees and bushes have leaves poisonous to fish. These include laburnum, holly and rhododendron. Ponds should be located away from wind blown or falling leaves. Aquarium Decorations. If you use sand or shells in your aquarium, they will …

21 Indoor Plants for Low Light | Best Houseplants That ...

Calathea Ornata. Anthurium. Anthurium bloom in red, white or pink and rebloom well in medium to low light. Keep soil consistently moist. Shop Online. 12" to 14" Anthurium. Rex Begonia. Rex begonias are grown for their colorful foliage. Keep them in medium to low light and allow them to …

How To Make A Rope Out Of Common Plants

 · Gather some long, straight, green yucca leaves. Arrange them over a flat surface. Use a piece of cloth to soften the impact of pounding on the leaves. Step 2. To expose the inner fiber of the yucca leaves, the outer layer has to be removed first. Pound the leaves back to back with a hammer.

African violets: Dealing with ''Necks''

African violets should be repotted about twice a year, or every 5-6 months. One mature, this simply means repotting the plant with some fresh soil, into the same size pot. Never use a pot larger than the plant''s root system–for standards, this usually means about a 4″ pot, for minis and semiminis, a pot no larger than 2 1/2″. Over

Cast Iron Myths | Lodge Cast Iron

Shop now PLUS get free shipping on orders over $59. ... Meet Lodge cast iron bakeware, the last bakeware you''ll ever have to buy. ... Fact: Cast iron is incredibly durable, but it''s not indestructible. Keep in mind that cast iron will break before it bends and should still …


A plough or plow (US; both / p l aʊ /) is a farm tool for loosening or turning the soil before sowing seed or planting. Ploughs were traditionally drawn by oxen and horses, but in modern farms are drawn by tractors. A plough may have a wooden, iron or steel frame, with a …

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Aspidistra longiloba cast iron plant An unusual cast iron plant, slowly spreading to make 4 ft wide clumps in a reasonable amount of time, with shiny spring-green leaves of only about 6" long, but pleasingly rounded at the base making them nearly oval. Easy in cultivation, for addition to containers or repeating in the shade garden.

Cast-Iron Plant: Care & Growing Guide

 · Cast-iron plants can be propagated by division. To start a new plant, take a piece of the rhizome (underground stem) that includes at least two leaves. Plant this piece either in a pot with fresh potting mix or directly in the ground. Keep the soil lightly moist, but ensure that it has good drainage.

How to Trim a Cast Iron Plant | eHow

The cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) is a perennial member of the lily family that is native to China. It does best when it is grown in shade and well-cultivated, rich soil, but it can survive even in poor conditions and with little to no attention. The cast iron plant is hardy in U.S.