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Cleaning up contaminated mining wastewater

Virtual Curtain is a more efficient and economic way to treat wastewater and is enabling the global mining industry to reduce its environmental footprint and extract wealth from waste. The licensed technology, which can be applied to a range of industrial applications, is available through Australian company Virtual Curtain Limited.

Industrial Wastewater | US EPA

 · Mining. Mining operations are often complex undertakings that may be situated in or near diverse and sensitive environments. These operations generate tailings and waste rock for disposal and also create wastewater discharges and air emissions. As a result, mining can affect surface and ground water quality, drinking water supplies and air quality.

From Wastewater to Drinking Water

 · So the growing use of recycled wastewater for irrigation, landscaping, industry and toilet flushing, is a good way to conserve our fresh water resources. Recycled water is also used to replenish sensitive ecosystems where wildlife, fish and plants are left vulnerable when water is …

The Basics of Mining Wastewater Treatment | ChemREADY

Wastewater treatment is critical for mining applications. Used in mineral processing to recover valuable metals from ore, water is essential to the mining industry. However, using water in this way causes mineral contaminants and other solids to accumulate in your process water supply.

Waste Water Treatment: Electrocoagulation Technology ...

EC routinely treats process and rinse water from the electroplating, computer board manufactures, textile industry, paint rinse water, steel production, mining industry, automotive industry, equipment repair industry, stack wash water, and pulp and paper. In most cases, the treated water can be recycled and reused. Sewage Treatment

Mine Water Treatment | Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia Water Technologies partners with exploration, engineering, and mining companies to solve their mine water challenges, from production of potable water or desalinated water in remote locations to process water and mining wastewater treatment solutions for all types of hard and soft rock mining sites including solution mining.

Mine wastewater treatment

We have developed a suite of novel water-treatment technologies and services to help the mining industry effectively manage their water. We created tailored technologies to treat various water streams from the mines to enable greater water recycling, meet environmental discharge requirements and reduce the inventory of saline water storage onsite.

On-Site Wastewater Recycling for the Mining Industry

For the mining industry, a steady source of clean and/or usable water is critical to maintaining profitable operations. Through a proprietary advanced oxidation process, Ecosphere''s patented, chemical-free Ozonix® water treatment technology can help mining companies protect both their assets and the environment through cost-effective and environmentally responsible disinfection, oxidation ...

Mining and Metals Industry Water Treatment | Aquatech

Aquatech, a global leader in water and waste water treatment technology, specializes in industrial water treatment systems for the mining and metals industry. With increasing regulations, Aquatech has a wide range of technologies, services, and knowledge that can help solve the water and wastewater issues for the mining industry.

Gold Mining Wastewater Solutions | Pollution to Water

P2W''s motto is – we take care of all wastewater treatment issues so that the client can focus on the mining business. And as our track record shows, P2W''s sustainable wastewater treatment technology provides a sustainable solution for the mining industry, the local community and the environment.

Water Treatment for the Mining Industry

Water Treatment for the Mining Industry Subject: Minimizing the impact of mining operations on local water resources is a top priority of the mining industry. SGS has an exceptional understanding of water treatment, providing innovative and practical treatment solutions to the mineral processing industr y.

Mining | Industries | Calix Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Mining industries provide most of the materials we rely on to build infrastructures, to obtain large amounts of energy, or to supply agriculture with fertilisers that help feed a growing population. Yet mining and mineral processing uses significant amounts of resources — water, land, carbon and energy — and often causes severe harm to the ...

Wastewater Treatment in the Mining Industry

 · Wastewater Treatment in the Mining Industry. Traditionally, physio-chemical or biological methods have been used in the past to treat these harmful effluents. Currently, zero liquid discharge has proven to be the smartest choice. It can ensure the protection of the ecosystem and provide for water reuse in places where access to water is limited.

Wastewater Minimization and Reuse in Mining Industry in ...

periodically review the existing treatment methods. In this direction, an overview of overall waste management in a mining industry including identification and general characteristics of various wastewater sources, application of waste minimisation methods, segregation of waste, reuse of effluent and options for final disposal is undertaken.

Top 10 Companies in Water and Wastewater Treatment Market

 · The company is engaged in the designing, developing, and manufacturing of water and wastewater treatment systems. It operates through various segments, including food and beverage, life sciences, marine, mining, power, semiconductor and solar, drinking water and municipal wastewater treatment, industrial, institutional, and aquatics.

Domestic Waste Water Treatment | Domestic Wastewater ...

Domestic waste water treatment plays an important role in nowadays. Domestic waste treatment ensures that all sewage is properly treated to make it safe, clean and suitable for releasing back into the environment, lakes, or streams. Home sewage systems are designed to treat all of the liquid waste generated from a residence.

Selenium Removal from Industrial Wastewater | Water Tech ...

 · The mining industry is not facing a standard selenium discharge limit like the power industry, but rather selenium discharge is likely to be regulated in each facility''s NPDES permit. A State of Kentucky petition for withdrawal from the NPDES program 3 includes a map that shows selenium levels from hundreds of samples in coal seams throughout ...

Understanding Mining Waste Management and Disposal Methods ...

 · In the past, improper disposal of mining waste resulted in environmental damages. This is why mining companies needed to come up with better ways to dispose of mining waste without hurting the environment. Disposal; Grinding and adding water and chemicals is a typical step of processing ores in the ore treatment refining plant.

Reuse and Recycling of Industrial water

Municipal Wastewater in Industries † Practiced for years especially for replacing cooling and boiler feed water. † Secondary effluent: Industrial processes after proper disinfection. eg. Mining and metal processing industries for washout. † Secondary effluent has to go tertiary treatment before reuse. † Requirement of the treatment

6 Ways to Improve Water Conservation in Mining Operations ...

 · Here are six ways to improve water conservation in the mining industry: Wastewater Treatment and Closed-Loop Recycling . One of the most common ways to maximize the reusage of water is to install a water treatment unit. There are various efficient technologies available for wastewater treatment. The precise solution, however, will depend on ...

wastewater treatment solutions for the mining industry by ...

Mining & Metals Water Treatment Solutions | Pall Water. Mining & Metals Water Treatment Solutions Providing the mining and metals industry (gold, alumina, coal and coal seam gas, copper, zinc, iron, lead, phosphate, mineral sands, tailing ponds and more) with customized water solutions. reliable wastewater solution to not only meet peak demand in the summer months, but also treat the mine

Mining | Wastewater Treatment for Mining | Cleanawater

Designed and engineered for the mining sector, Cleanawater''s wastewater treatment solutions help you meet the highest industry standards and gain approval by all leading water authorities in Australia. We carry one of Australia''s largest stocks of off-the-shelf wastewater treatment equipment. That includes oil water separators, water recycling ...

Process & Waste Water Treatment For Mining Industry

The Mining industry requires reliable water and waste water treatment systems to produce high quality water for ore processing and for a multitude of waste water treatment processes . Power stations at mining sites require high quality demineralized water to operate efficiently.

Mining Wastewater | liquideffluents

 · Many different overviews of the treatment methods for wastewater in the mining industry are available in the literature. The following section is taken from the U.S. EPA (2003) Source book for industry in the Northwest and Alaska, Appendix E, as it is the author''s opinion that this provides one of the most useful and clear summaries of a ...

Mining Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Mining wastewater treatment to meet regulatory and social demands only compounds those challenges. Aeration Industries International can limit the time and effort you spend on wastewater treatment, allowing you to focus on what matters most… production. Mine Process Water and Wastewater Treatment

Mining Industry Water Use | Fluence

 · Treating mining water for reuse can reduce the need for fresh water, preserving precious resources. Mining is an ideal industry for decentralized water treatment . Not only because mines are often far from water infrastructure, but also because mining is a transient industry, frequently moving operations once old mines have been exhausted.

Mintek demonstrates mine effluent treatment capability and ...

 · The demonstration site provides a platform for Mintek and other industry players to demonstrate and evaluate suitable technologies for the treatment of mine-impacted waste water, including acid mine drainage (AMD) and the removal of toxic and radioactive elements from the water such as uranium to minimise the environmental impact of mining and ...

Wastewater Treatment for the Mining Industry | Fluence

Wastewater Treatment for the Mining Industry | Fluence


mining industry built on nearly 200 years of experience spanning coal, iron ore, nickel, copper, bauxite, zinc, gold, silver, uranium and rare earths. The exponential growth in mining has seen the rise of water challenges which the Australian industry has met through …

Mine Water Treatment | Clean TeQ Water

Clean TeQ Water provides a range of tailored water treatment solutions for the mining industry. Our technologies are robust and specifically designed for high recovery, cost effective treatment of groundwater, process water, acid mine drainage, pit water, and tailings for reuse or discharge.

Wastewater Treatment for Metals Recovery | Mining ...

ChemREADY''s wastewater treatment for non-metals and ferrous applications is so critical. In some locations, significant rainfall can lead to acid runoff from mine drainage, tailings piles, and surface mines, polluting streams and rivers. In drier locations, the mining and processing of ores uses up large volumes of scarce water supplies.

Mining & Metals | Processed Water Solutions/Wastewater ...

Unearthing minerals can be tough on your machinery—and processing them can be even tougher. System corrosion and fouling due to feedwater and wastewater contamination, spent mining brines, and out-of-date machinery can all challenge the productivity of your business while potentially damaging valuable company assets.