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Drying Agents & Water Removal Catalog

Rapid Dry drying agent is the game-saving fix for wet, muddy ballfields. Because it is specifically manufactured to be a drying agent and not just a powdered by-product, it has the perfect granule size to stabilize muddy areas on the skinned parts of the in-field and blend into the turf in your outfield, too. Its easy and economical to use.

Floor Cleaning Rentals

Streamlined, contractor-grade drying power using high velocity air movement. With five drying positions, you can dry floors, walls, stairways and narrow hallways. With only 1.9 amps drawn per unit, up to 6 units can be daisy-chained from the same power circuit for even faster drying power.

6 Pipeline Drying Procedures and Requirements for ...

 · The drying process is deemed complete when a difference of at least 10°F between the feed gas dewpoint and outlet gas dewpoint is obtained. 2. Hot Air Pipeline Drying. The procedure for hot air conduit drying is like pipeline dewatering using nitrogen. The major difference is the use of heated air supplied by an industrial air compressor.


subject: inspection, prevention, control, and repair of corrosion on avionics equipment date: 05-30-01 initiated by: afs-300 ac 43-206 1. purpose.

Water Damage Restoration Services | Roto-Rooter

The actual cleaning and drying time of your home and contents will be determined by the scope of the water damage. The water restoration process may be completed in as quickly as just two days or may take up to a week. Our water damage drying equipment and air sanitizers are left onsite at your home or business to complete the water clean up ...

Drying Equipment Rental

Our drying equipment rental is a cost effective way to finish a project if you are paying out of pocket or working off a deductible. This is also a great program for other contractors, builders, remodeling contractors, and handymen to add structural drying to your professional service portfolio.

Drying & Restoration Equipment for Rent

To speak to a local Sales Representative please. Call 888-777-2700. For Technical Assistance please. Call 800-654-6659 Option 1. Maybe there is already a solution for your issue. Check out our FAQs


Inspect the dry cleaning facility and equipment and also test the equipment. If the C-93 holder is an employee of your dry cleaning facility, the inspection and testing must be done at least once per year. If the C-93 holder is an individual who doesn''t work for you, the inspection must be done monthly. Fill and empty the dry cleaning equipment.

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Direct Servicing ...

3. When drying services are performed and a properly completed "drying log" is submitted along with the itemized invoice, the insurer and their claim representative should take into consideration the number of drying equipment units validated by the drying log for the drying duration presented. The following charges can also be considered:

Chapter 6 DRYING

Equipment of Drying Vapor Pressure of Water and Humidity Equilibrium Moisture Content Rate of Drying Constant-Rate Drying Curve Calculation methods for Constant-Rate Drying Period. Drying Removal of relatively small amounts of water as vapor by air Removal of water from process material and other substances Removal of other organic liquids from ...

Restoration Equipment for Contractors | Dry Like A Pro ...

Phoenix Restoration Equipment has been synonymous with excellence in performance, design and value for the restoration professional since 1994. We offer a full line of dehumidifiers, air movers, heat drying systems, HEPA scrubbers, and water extraction equipment for water damage restoration, construction and pest control professionals.

Section 4 Chapter 1 Fundamentals

drying medium. Over 99 percent of the applications involve removal of water. All modes except the dielectric (microwave and radio frequency) supply heat at the boundaries of the drying object so that the heat must diffuse into the solid primarily by conduction. The

Processing Coffee: Fruit Removal and Drying | CoffeeReview

Processing : Fruit Removal and Drying. The Dry Method. In this, the oldest of processing methods, the coffee fruit is simply picked and put out into the sun to dry, fruit and all. It is spread in a thin layer and raked regularly to maintain even temperatures from top to bottom of the layer. Drying takes anywhere from ten days to three weeks ...

What Equipment is Used for Water Removal? | ServiceMaster LP

 · Water restoration technicians do this by using specialized equipment that achieves several objectives during the drying process: Get the air circulating in the space to promote drying. Discourage the growth of bacteria and mold spores. Reduce the humidity level in the area. Keep the temperature at a suitable level for fast drying.

USDA APHIS | Cleaning

 · Dry Clean: Dry cleaning involves the removal of gross contamination and organic material (e.g., soil, manure, bedding, feed) from equipment, objects, or animal areas. Use brooms, brushes, shovels, and manure forks to sweep, scrape, and …

guidelines for handling water damaged electrical equipment…

required of sophisticated electronic equipment containing, for example, microprocessors. The overall power equipment assembly (switchgear) may be able to be reconditioned provided careful steps are taken in the cleaning, drying, and testing of the equipment prior to applying power. This would require input and advice from the manufacturer.

Freeze Drying / Lyophilization Information: Basic Principles

Freeze drying is the removal of ice or other frozen solvents from a material through the process of sublimation and the removal of bound water molecules through the process of desorption. Lyophilization and freeze drying are terms that are used interchangeably depending on the industry and location where the drying is taking place.

Water Damage Cleanup

The ideal equipment should have the perfect balance of horse power and amp draw. Restoration dehumidifiers are an important piece of restoration drying equipment. Humid environments are ripe for the development of mold and bacteria, so drying them quickly and effectively is important.

Mold Remediation Equipment and Drying Packages | Aer ...

Mold Remediation Equipment and Drying Packages from Aer Industries includes air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers for mold remediation projects!

Drying Equipment Rentals & Project Consulting

Instantly increase your capability and marketability in your service area or nationwide with The Drying Team as your partner. Equipment rental is also available. Several finance options are available including no paying us until you get paid on the project. As us how you can qualify for this today! 877-404-8500.

How to Dry Wall Cavities After Water / Flood Damage

After major water damage situations, such as those that result from storms, flooding, or burst pipes in a home, it may be necessary to dry wall cavities and other small spaces as part of the total restoration effort. Trapped moisture within a wall cavity can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, not to mention compromise structural integrity.

Drying Agents & Water Removal Catalog

Rapid Dry drying agent is the game-saving fix for wet, muddy ballfields. Because it is specifically manufactured to be a drying agent and not just a powdered by-product, it has the perfect granule size to stabilize muddy areas on the skinned parts of the in-field and blend into the turf in your outfield, too. Its easy and economical to use.

Water Damage Houston TX | Water Removal and Cleanup Company

Water Damage Restoration Houston, Water Removal and Cleanup Company. If you''re looking for the best water damage restoration near you, call our BBB Award Winning water damage restoration and removal company and talk directly to our supervisor, day or night, who will answer your questions and have a crew on their way immediately.We have teams ready to respond quickly to any flood cleanup ...

Module # 4

drying, a traditional method in which materials dry naturally in the sun, 2) hot air drying in which matrials are exposed to a blast of hot air and 3) freeze drying, in which frozen materials are placed in a vacuum chamber to draw out the water. The fundamental nautre of all drying porcess is the removal of volatile substances (mainly

Dry Cleaner Equipment Removal Reimbursment Program

1. Equipment listed above must still be on-site and must be inspected by the Department prior to removal. 2. Equipment must be covered under a valid NJDEP Air Permit or equipment previously covered under a valid GP-12 permit must be rendered inoperable, meaning the electric supply is disconnected and all perchloroethylene removed and disposed of

Dry Patrol

We also have the expertise and equipment to take care of all sewage cleanup and removal as part of our water damage services safely and quickly. The water damage repair process can begin once structural drying is completed and all damaged walls, ceilings, carpet and hardwood floors can be cleaned and repaired or replaced.

Sludge drying | Waterleau

Sludge drying is the process of transforming sludge into useful products or green fuel. Removal of water reduces storage volume and transportation costs. Thermal drying is used to achieve up to 80% volume reduction and up to 90% weight reduction.

Drying methods

The preservation of foods by drying is the time-honored and most common method used by humans and the food processing industry. Dehydration (or drying) is defined as ''the application of heat under controlled conditions to remove the majority of the water normally present in a food by evaporation'' (or in the case of freeze drying by sublimation ).

Dewatering Equipment Selection Guide: Types, Features ...

Selecting the most effective dewatering equipment for an application can be summed into four major considerations. These are the drying requirements, the cost constraints, the sludge characteristics, and the available area. The drying requirements and cost constraints will come first in the selection process.

DIY Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

EQUIPMENT. VIDEO TRAINING. Service Call. Price: $165.00. Includes one tech visit to home to assess damage, set or pick up equipment or help with flood work. (up to an hour, including travel time) Estimate (Normal hours 8am-5pm) Price: $250.00 (After Hours 5pm-8am $350) Includes a full water damage estimate by a certified technician.

Dry Cleaner Equipment Removal Reimbursement Program

Dry Cleaner Equipment Removal Reimbursment Program Application Form Facility ID # Facility Name Phone Number Facility Location Street Address City Mailing Address _____ _____ _____ Description of Dry Cleaning System to be removed (Make, Model, Size) Permit Number - _____ Type of Grant Being Applied For (Check One Only) ...